Room to Create Located in Raleigh, NC

Removing the wall between the living room and kitchen and vaulting the ceiling created a roomier area and improved traffic flow in this Raleigh home. The sleek lines of the solid door maple cabinetry is complimented by the modern stainless steel bar pulls which blend perfectly with the new stainless steel appliances. The dual level custom granite countertop is supported by a radius pedestal knee wall. Completing the look is the natural light which is now abundant due to installing two new skylights in the living area and adding a large 7′ Andersen window in the remodeled kitchen. We also replaced the old sliding glass doors with new Andersen sliding glass doors.

Room to Create

 3823 Junction Blvd.  Raleigh, NC  27603


Quality Design & Construction


Beautiful Showplace cabinets with slab fronts a custom island topped with granite and new windows and doors allow us to open up the entire space
By removing structural walls and vaulting the ceiling we were able to seamlessly join the living room with the kitchen