3823 Junction Blvd.  Raleigh, NC  27603


Screened porch and dining room addition with custom privacy panels
Screened room and dining room addition from exterior

The objective of this screen room addition was to create a room with a view of the Raleigh golf course in the back yard. The owners were faced with a dilemma – move or remodel. After looking at other homes, they decided they could not find a better location than the one they already had. The next question – what to do? This home was purchased as the original builder was going into bankruptcy. The Mrs. of the home showed up one day as the mechanical contractor was remediating his damages. There were structural issues galore. The complexity of what was involved was substantial but nothing this remodeler could not handle. The overall goal of the project was to provide a custom screen room to enhance the outdoor living space and provide a panoramic view. The designer was asked how to have a sense of privacy with neighbors close by on both sides. After consulting with the lead carpenter they decided to customize a privacy panel that allows air flow above and privacy below. After completion of this project the homeowner located a local handyman to install lattice under the new screen room.here.

 A Room With A View Special Feature 

STAR Award – 2005 Screen Room Addition in Cary, NC

Screened Room Addition with Custom Privacy Panel

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